Meet Susan.

Hi! I’m the Founder and Creative Director of CECILIA, and I design listener-centered experiences that change, enhance, or re-imagine the world around us. Getting heard is my thing.

I revel in using creativity and research to make ordinary life better in simple and surprising ways, through our ears. I fuse my deep love of audio storytelling with a Masters in Applied Music Psychology, to harness both the art and science of sound.

I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m not a programmer. I’m not here to convince people who don’t think audio is for them. I’m a rule-breaker. An audio innovator that works in both the digital and real worlds. A believer that brands and culture can play beautifully together with the right mix of risk and reward.

Some of my favorite sounds are the surf waves in Tofino, ‘A Bell For Every Minute’ project on the High Line in New York City, and Baryshnikov’s tap shoes.

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Meet Rob.

A sound engineer at heart, Rob made the journey from patch bays and drum machines to CECILIA through a decade in the music industry. He developed a talent for award-winning music brand initiatives and threw himself into his true passion of helping music play a more valuable role in modern society. Fueled by his belief, he earned his Masters in Education to help inspire future generations on the value of art and drive this passion forward. His favorite sound is his son's laughter, mixed in with a bit of Trent Reznor.

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Meet Jay.

Jay is founder and creative technologist at Bluefin Technology Partners, a Digital Innovation Agency focused on helping companies leverage modern technology to elevate their business. A Computer Scientist by education and wannabe Rock-n-Roll Musician by desire, the convergence of Audio and Tech have created his perfect playground. Although he strums a Martin, his team was instrumental in the early technology development of TaylorSense, the health monitoring system found in today's Taylor guitars. Fortunately for all, his technology career has keep him busy as he’s a hack of a guitarist and his vocal range, frankly lacks range.

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